Specializing in the Sales & Leasing
of Commercial & Industrial Properties


Gilco Realty is currently seeking NYS Licensed Real Estate Professionals to join our growing team. The company has many listings with untapped opportunities for additional listings. If interested please email your resume to Michael@Gilcorealty.com

 Michael Gilbert-  Broker

Michael is the Founder and Broker of Gilco Realty. He founded the company in 2011 to focus on Commercial and Industrial Properties in the New York City Area and focusing primarily on the Bronx which he felt was an under served market. Since its founding Michael has completed many sales and leases per year and has built a reputation of working with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants to try to make all deals the best possible for both sides. Some companies Michael has completed transactions with include: Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Nestle Foods, The City of New York, Transit Workers Union, Medical Offices, and many more tenants and buyers. In the coming years Michael plans to expand the company by bringing in additional salespeople to help grow the company to its full potential.

Rudy Francis-Agent

As the stronger half of the Francis Team, Rudy's experience is extensive in the corporate environment. He is a strong manager and diligent negotiator. He is a problem solver, he always tries to find solutions whenever problems arise. Keller Williams and Exit were the agencies he's worked with in the past, being that Commercial Real Estate is his primary focus Gilco can be the only solution. Gilco welcomes the Francis Team to the fold and know that their special talents and skills will be a welcome addition.

Jovana Ventura-Francis

As the better half of the Francis Team, Jovana comes with vast experience in many phases of business. Having worked in the corporate world as well as not-for-profit, she has the knowledge and experience required for diligent negotiations and the professionalism and respect to work closely with clients and put them at ease. Coming from Keller Williams and Exit before that her only focus has been Commercial. The search for a Commercial Real Estate Home led her to Gilco Realty. We welcome her knowledge as a Business Broker and the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together.

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