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GILCO REALTY LLC is a full-service real estate firm with a primary focus on commercial real estate brokerage. We specialize in both the acquiring and servicing properties in New York City, whether retail, office, or residential.

2,700 Sq Ft Retail Condo
Currently Split into two Spaces 1,200 Sq Ft & 1,500 Sq Ft
1200 Sq Ft Currently Leased Month to Month
Lease Pending for entire condo to city funded not for profit
Built in 2010
Ground Floor of 76 Unit Apartment Building
70′ Frontage on Burnside Ave
Rapidly Developing Area
Over 350 New Apartments Under Construction within two blocks
Current Real Estate Taxes of $1,356.24

2700 sq ft
2700 sq ft

Located On Corner of Brook and 167th St
Mid Bronx—20,732 sq. ft./ All Brick & Masonry
Can be divided for lease
100’ Off Webster Ave
3 Drive-Ins
No Columns
Near Yankee Stadium & Courthouses
Near Cross Bronx Expressway & Bridges
Area is under total redevelopment

20732 sq ft
20732 sq ft

10,325 Sq Ft Lot
Zoned C4-4D / R8
T Shaped Lot
50′ of Frontage
Adjusted FAR for Split Lot- 6.59
Build-able to 68,041 Sq Ft ZFA For Housing
Build-able to 67,112 Sq Ft ZFA For Community Facility
School District 9
Community District 5

10325 sq ft
10325 sq ft

20,000 Sq Ft Building (10,000 Sq Ft Per Floor) ZonedR7D/C2-4 Buildable to 56,000 Sq Ft For Inclusionary Housing 100FootFrontage Formerly Ocupied by DolarTree
2nd Floor Build Out as Vanila Box Rooftop Heating/Air Conditoning Systems Built in 2010
Real Estate Taxes: $50,972 CommunityBoard7

10000 sq ft
10000 sq ft