Gilco Is Hiring Licensed Real Estate Sales People

The sky is the limit for the future!

Gilco is Looking for:

  • Salesperson to focus on Upper Manhattan retail
  • Salesperson to handle Industrial Leasing
  • Salesperson to handle tenant rep in Bronx/Brooklyn

This is a commission based business and positions. The harder you work the more money you make!


  • Must have NYS Licensed Real Estate Salespersons license
  • Must have car/transportation- Public Transportation will not suffice.
  • Salesperson should be Multi-Lingual
  • The majority of the company’s business is in the Bronx
  • Should be Outgoing & Self-Motivated
  • Brokerage has 50+ EXCLUSIVE listings with MANY MANY more non-exclusives.
  • We see A LOT of new listings coming shortly and need salespeople to handle them
  • Looking for someone willing to Cold-Call & go “Door to Door” to find tenants/buyers